White Kitchen Cabinets, classic, elegant, timeless.

مدل کابینت سفید و سفید
کابینت با دستگیره طلایی

آخرین بروزرسانی

Whether you’re going for sleek and modern, or chic and classic; white cabinets can be tailored to your taste! In this article we’re going to be talking about white high gloss and MDF cabinets to see which colours and styles go best together. First, let’s go over some of our chosen white kitchens.

کابینت آشپزخانه سفید

White is known for its neutral shade and how it goes well with other colours. Although it usually works best with warmer shades, such as gold, silver or different types of brown, it also looks great with wood or a wide spectrum of other pigments. When embellished with a little colour, white cabinets really give the crisp and homey feeling most people desire.

When picking your cabinets, it’s also useful to know the variations of white they can come in, such as Dutch white, seashell, bone, floral white, vanilla,… and which shades they go with best, as we mentioned before.


White high gloss and MDF cabinets, cold or exciting?!

So, we talked about white and how it can pull the room together. But now we’re going to take a look at some actual white high gloss and MDF models so we can answer the question as to whether white can truly bring excitement and appeal to a room despite its natural coldness or not?
کابینت های گلاس رنگ سفید طوسی

White and brown high gloss and MDF cabinets

کابینت ام دی اف سفید قهوه ای

The picture above is a great example of the use of brown and white together. This pair is often used because the contrast between the coldness of the white and warmness of the brown, specially browns that replicate wood designs, brings a very sweet and heart-warming touch to the room.

اپن آشپزخانه جزیره

The design above showcases a modern kitchen with the use of the famous white and brown pair. The wooded island takes away from the blandness of the white and gives the room great warmth. Given that the colour most used is white, the right lighting will brighten up the room even more, giving it the perfect finish.

This is another example of a modern white and brown kitchen. Although the kitchen island and cabinets are both entirely white, the parquet flooring brings the brown shade, giving the room the rustic charm it vibes.

کابینت آشپزخانه مدرن

Although this design isn’t made out of high gloss or MDF it shows the use of colour we’ve been describing very well. In this kitchen we can spot a third colour too! Even though green isn’t used as often in these types of designs, it goes really well with the classic cabinets. A modern cabinet probably wouldn’t suit the room as much as this style does.

کابینت چوبی کلاسیک

White and gold high gloss and MDF cabinets

Now we’re going to look at some white and gold designs! As you can see they’ve used a mixture of white and black and added in golden handles and taps to get a rather classy and chic outcome.

ام دی اف سفید طلایی

Again, we went for the white and gold duo! Gold is usually used as a delicate touch to an otherwise very modern design. Our eyes are used to seeing this colour very little but very tastefully, for example with rings and jewellery. So, we apply the same rule to kitchens. Light bounces off of the white making the room appear larger and brighter while the golden handles and stools make the room look elegant and even more stylish.

The use of gold in this design is quite similar to the previous one, delicate and beautiful. This is one of the more modern designs, with golden colours worked into the edges and corners of it. Giving it a beautiful, polished style.

کابینت مدرن سفید طلایی

Unlike the other styles, gold is used a lot and very boldly here. Although it may seem trendy to begin with, this type of design can become tiring to the eye much faster than others.

This design is similar to the previous one. Even though this might be slightly more practical, it still has the same issues with such big portions of gold being used in it.

آشپزخانه مدرن سفید مشکی

The island is mostly gold with a white hood. This design seems stylish at first glance but again, is not so practical for long term use.

کابینت آشپزخانه بدون دستگیره

White and grey high gloss and MDF cabinets

کابینت آشپزخانه سفید طوسیNow we’re going to go through some silver and white designs. Silver is generally on the grey colour spectrum, it tends to have more of a shine and is a little brighter compared to grey.

Although it’s popular thought that grey is a dull colour and can’t brighten the room, there are ways to take away the blandness and give it some shine!

For example, in this design, even though the cabinets have a grey pigment, they don’t give off the depressed and dim look you’d think grey would. This is mostly because it’s mixed with white and other colours. The big windows, bricked walls, brown floors and white cabinets make the room appear sleek and radiant as a whole look.

کابینت آشپزخانه لوکسThis design is mostly done with dark grey. It’s a very simple yet stylish model. Although grey can’t be used too much in a room, as it can give a tired and dull vibe, it’s worked for this design. Yet it still shouldn’t be used too often in home layouts as a whole.

The reason it looks good here is because; beside the cold white, it makes the kitchen appear warm and homey.

This model above is one example of how grey can make the atmosphere dull and boring. Even the brown part of the kitchen island doesn’t take away from the coldness of this look. This might be why the green rabbit is the first thing that comes to eye when looking at this design.

کابینت سفید نقره ای

Here we can see the use of white accompanied by silver. The wood-like parquet flooring really gives the look energy and excitement. This is one of the simpler designs.

کابینت آشپزخانه سفید قهوه ای

Here we have white, grey and wood. Although it lacks originality, it’s still a stunning design. It’s a perfect example of how the right ratio of warm and cold colours can bring beauty to a room.

کابینت آشپزخانه قرمز

The red caught your eye as well, didn’t it? The reason for this is that the white and silver duo, similar to white and black, make other colours in the room pop out.

اپن جزیره

Again, you can see how a third colour really makes the room stand out when it’s against white and silver. These designs are usually chosen by certain audiences and aren’t everybody’s cup of tea.

آشپزخانه کلاسیک

Just like the red, yellow affects the atmosphere, making it fun and trendy but warm and friendly at the same time.

کابینت آشپزخانه طرح چوب

Again we have grey, white and wood. Even though the grey is darker than the other designs, it doesn’t at all look dull or tiring. In fact, it really pulls the room together and gives it a strong and bold finish! The big windows will offer great lighting against the darkness of the cabinets used.

کابینت با دستگیره دوپیچThe orange gives a great, fun vibe to the room. As we mentioned before the dark colours and silver help the orange stand out and give personality to the atmosphere as a whole.

کابینت آشپزخانه سفید قهوه ای

This one is definitely cold and quite depressing. Despite their warm colour the wooden stools aren’t even doing much for the room either.

کابینت سفید طوسیThe lighting in this design is spot on! The whole kitchen looks quite luxurious and chic despite the cold colours used. This is probably because of the flooring and bits of colour in the layout.


A neutral high gloss design with wooden floors. This model is suitable for smaller kitchens. Because of the bright colours used, fantastic lighting is a given for this room.

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