The Disadvantages of High Gloss Cabinets

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What they don’t tell you in stores


Although high gloss cabinets bring a more elegant and sleek finish, it’s important to recognize the cons of this choice. In this post, we’ll go over some of these flaws.

1- Low resistance to moisture

As we mentioned in What is High Gloss?, the inner layer of this product is made out of MDF boards. This means that the problems we had with moisture (See: The Disadvantages of MDF Cabinets) mostly apply to high gloss cabinets too.


2- Sharp edges!

In more detailed plans or high gloss cabinets designed for corners, sharp edges can be an annoying issue, causing injuries and sore hands.

With MDF cabinets this issue was mostly solved by sanding the edges. Although it may seem this would apply to high gloss too, the nature of this material doesn’t allow it. The edges are much sharper compared to MDF and even if we were to sand them it would ruin the clean look of high gloss.


3- High gloss is easily stained

High gloss kitchen cabinets tend to show stains more easily, as they give a very high reflection of light. Whether it’s finger marks or scratches a high gloss finish won’t help in hiding them. This can be a problem for some users (especially for those with kids and sticky fingers!) but on the upside, it means you’ll clean your cabinet fronts more regularly and stay hygienic.

Stains are more noticeable in darker shades of high gloss cabinets.


4- High gloss is easily scratched

If your cabinets are in regular contact with hard or even semi-hard objects, you might want to steer clear of high gloss. The surface is very prone to scratching and as we mentioned before the reflection of light with high gloss will make the marks completely visible. Even fingernails may leave noticeable scratches on the high gloss surface, for example around the cabinet door handles.

It’s also important to know that this problem will considerably depend on the quality of material used for the high gloss and also the Plexiglass layer.

Better quality high gloss cabinets will be much more durable and have a higher resistance to scratches.


5- One sided board

High gloss boards are usually one sided, meaning only the top layer has a high gloss finish. Therefore, if you’re planning to use it for places where both sides are visible you’ll need two boards, doubling the price and also the width. Apart from the unnecessary increase in price, this will also affect the classy style the high gloss look is famous for.


6- Which brand of high gloss?

The quality of high gloss kitchen cabinets solely depends on the raw material, technology used and the precision employed whilst making the high gloss boards.

Unlike what most may think, this doesn’t necessarily mean a pricey brand.

The expert opinion of our specialists at Salam Sakhteman is to invest in a more high-end brand if you’re planning to use a pattern-less print for your high gloss look. They will definitely show imperfections much more compared to patterned boards.

An easy way to examine the quality of a high gloss board is using a flashlight to look for uneven spots and flaws.


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