Classic Cabinets Different designs that showcase stylish and classic cabinets

کابینت کلاسیک، مدل های کابینت کلاسیک که جلوه ی زیبایی به خانه ی شما می دهند.
کابینت کلاسیک، مدل های کابینت کلاسیک که جلوه ی زیبایی به خانه ی شما می دهند.

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Classic cabinets have always been a popular choice, particularly wood and membrane classic cabinets. But have you ever thought about what qualifies as classic and why they call it that? Or what features and elements come together to create a classic look? Today we’re going to be answering these questions and showing you some examples of this model.

The simple definition is that classic is the opposite of modern, and the same applies for when we talk about cabinets and interiors. This doesn’t mean that the two oppose each other, they are very different in some aspects and overlap in others. Some designs look better when both classic and modern come together.

Before we get into the actual designs, we want to talk a little about where the classic style comes from and what it means in more detail. The classic style originated from the 17th-century artistic movement in European countries such as Rome and Greece. The word “classic” meant “of the first or highest rank” and was used for writers whose work was taught in schools and colleges. So it was basically known as something accepted by most and of the highest quality.

Nowadays we use classic as an adjective that portrays a nostalgic feeling and this is why a lot of people stick to the classics in a lot of what they do.

What is a classic cabinet?

Classic cabinets are a part of the general classic category in interior design. As we mentioned, they can make us feel at home and nostalgic. In a classic kitchen, wood or membrane is used for the cabinets. These materials can either be simple or carved with different designs and details. Classic cabinets used in kitchens usually have different designs and patterns on them and don’t fall into the simple category. For example, wooden doors with elaborate carvings, or elaborate designs.

These cabinets have crowns, beautifully styled frames and carvings, which normally aren’t seen in modern designs. It’s important to know that they are also much pricier because of the materials used and intimate details.

Another feature seen in classic kitchens is a buffet with chic glass doors. They’re for showcasing classic china and delicate antiques in a decorative manner.

It’s interesting to know that classical cabinets are normally set to be symmetrical for a sleek, clean effect. Like we said before, these types of cabinets are made of either wood or membrane or wood-like patterns. White or colours with a white-ish pigment like cream and pearl are also a popular choice with customers when it comes to colour. Whereas bright colours like orange and red are seen less in these types of designs.

White classic cabinets

Now we’re going to take a look at some white membrane and wooden classic designs. As we mentioned, white colour is the most popular choice for classic designs, this is why we are taking a closer look.

This is an example of a very charming white design. You can see the glass-doored buffet we talked about before. The lighting and classy items in this kitchen take away from the plainness of the white and really pull the room together.

This is a very homey, beautiful design. The wood floors give a warmness to the room which beside the large windows create a beautiful lighting. Although this is a simpler design between classics, you can still see a lot more detail than modern models.

This is a very cold, classic arrangement. The white cabinets and grey walls create a dull vibe. Although the windows bring in good lighting, the colour of the walls takes away from it. The different items and colours used around the room have all been chosen tastefully. The taps are slightly more modern than the rest, and if the walls were a different shade it could turn into a very stylish design.

The mixture of white and brown in cabinets is a duo that will never get old! It looks very classy and gives off a warm feeling. The buffet is great for showing off the exquisite china.

A beautiful white classic look! From the buffet to the crown above the oven, each little detail displays the classic style at its best, even the small chandelier above the island. You may recognise the combination of brown and white from other designs, but it’s used in a way that’s completely unique. This is probably one of the best examples of a chic, classy kitchen with a classic style.

Another charming design! This is a relatively larger space but still has the same charm to it. The designs above the sink, on the doors, the pillars beside the kitchen island and all of the other features are absolutely stunning and a great example of a classic kitchen. If you look carefully, you can see how the natural light and creamy cabinets brighten up the room and make it look easy to the eye.

Again, you can see how the lighting helps bring even more appeal to the design. This time we can see white used beside other colours, still looking gorgeous and classic.

This design is a mixture of classic and modern. The colour combinations and styles used should make it look quite appealing but the poor lighting lets the whole thing down.

Other classic designs

In this arrangement, the doors, different designs used and even the unique lights above the kitchen island catch the eye. The classic chairs go with the rest of the room and the lighting is adequate. The only problem noticeable in this design are the small windows which make the room seem smaller, Although the colours used can also create a dull atmosphere.

A classic wood cabinet design that is beautiful enough to even appeal to the taste of the modern style lover. You can never go wrong with wooden cabinets! They’re durable, homey and don’t get tiring to the eye. The only issue is their price, which is noticeably higher than other material. But if you’re looking to spill a little more than usual or money isn’t a problem, you should definitely consider wooden cabinets for this absolutely stunning result!

You might have noticed the golden shelves first. Yes, they are normally seen in more modern designs, but they go well with the classic glass compartments at the top and the rest of the kitchen. The gold, grey and white trio are working well for this room and look extremely classy. The luxurious gold handles give off a royal feeling. This is a great example of modern and classic working together well.

Another completely classic, wood kitchen with exquisite carvings and designs. Here, the designer has chosen to use a light shade for the floorings to brighten up the space from the dark wood cabinets. Although wood goes well with wood, choosing the right shades and pigments can heavily influence the end result!

We don’t normally see a lot of greys and blacks when it comes to classic designs, but it’s looking great in this kitchen, maintaining the classic look even with the darker features.

Luxurious and warm are probably the best words to describe this look!

Once again, modern and classic hand in hand. As you can see the cabinets are classic, between the other more modern features. The brick design also portrays a nostalgic feeling, making the room trendy, but still warm and homey as well.

The colours complement each other well. Again you can feel the sweet feeling of childhood memories and nostalgia in this design, whether it’s from the beautiful crown and buffet or the pillar and delicate carvings and designs.

What caught my eye first in this design was the wonderful lighting! This is a classic look painted with little modern features here and there, like the stools in the kitchen. The only flaw would be the dark colouring.

This is a closed kitchen, mostly made of wood. It is also a stunning classic design in general but it would have been better if the stone used around the sink was a lighter shade in order to complement the wood better. The bronze coloured elements add to the classic vibe. The fact that it’s a closed kitchen with doors can be very appealing for many people as it creates an intimate, private space.

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